Drawing Dreams appreciates the many artists and others from around
the world that share their art in support of our important mission
D  R  A  W  I  N  G    D  R  E  A  M  S    A  R  T    G  A  L  L  E  R  Y    W
Kiki by Alison Whalen a.k.a. Big Al
Girl with Glowing Stone by Brad Weinman
Dancer by Cliff Warner
South Connector by William Wray
In a Peaceful Place by Cliff Warner
The Ug and the Drip by Duncan Weller
New Year by J.T. Winik
Boston by Mick Wiggins
bedtime by Justin Winslow
Lemur by Tianyin Wang
Becca (Sundial) by Fred Wessel
he15k by Sven Oliver Wangemann
Motel by William Wray
Cyclic Compound by Randy Wix
Kaneda! by Hayden Walsh
Sea Hug by Wirrow
Two Ballerinas by J. T. Winik
Winter Nap by Jill Weber
Pink Slip by Herb Williams
Light Mark by Cenci Goepel & Jens Warnecke
Yellow Dog by Herb Williams
FOLDING by Zen Qian for Shen Wei Dance Arts
Love is a Key by JoWonder
Seagram's Universal Monsters by Jeff Wack
Almost Spring by Jill Weber
Adventure 1000 Car by Jeff Wack
Girl by William Wray
Becca with Telescope by Fred Wessel
Looking Out by J. T. Winik
Individualists II by Bernd Wachtmeister
Individualists II by Bernd Wachtmeister
Aquarius by Phil Wheeler
Mistaken by Ken Wong
Yum 1 by Phil Wheeler
Individualists II by Bernd Wachtmeister
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Birds & Bees by Richard Wilkinson
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Little Rock, Arkansas
Commemorative Poster of the B & O Railway Depot in Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Managerie Manor - A Book Cover Design for Naturalist Gerald Durrell and His Private Zoo.
© Marco Ortolan, all rights reserved