D  R  A  W  I  N  G    D  R  E  A  M  S    A  R  T    G  A  L  L  E  R  Y    H
Drawing Dreams appreciates the many artists and others from around
the world that share their art in support of our important mission.
Leslie Roy Heck
Rebecca Haines
Christopher Holzbaur
Steve Henry
Rita Herbert
Harbinger of Spring by Brian Hoover
Girl with Fantastic Hat by Brian Hoover
Guardian by Rebecca Haines
Nature Man by Olaf Hajek
Underwater Ballet by Olaf Hajek
Lady and Lotus by Phan Linh Bao Hanh
Glimpse by Eva Eun-Sil Han
One by Eva Eun-Sil Han
Polar Bears by Nora Hilb
Sunbury's Edge by Brian Hoover
La diet del ray by Veronica Huacuja
Pinball Machine No. 6 by Marcus Hunt
Weathered Paint #4 by Marcus Hunt
Meadow Above Giverny by Patton Hunter
Dreamer of Dreams by K. Henderson
Bird of Paradise by David Harrington
Grey Crosses by Lizzie Hall
Perimeter by Lizzie Hall
Beetle Bathroom by Robert Horning
Christopher Holzbaur
Treed by Bruce Hale
Lonneke by Ralf Heynen
Little Woods by Chris Haughton
8 by Chris Haughton
Pinocchio at the Car Cemetery by Oriol Hernandez
Zombie at Home by Oriol Hernandez
Baa Baa Black Sheep by Chay Hawes
Harbinger of Winter by Brian Hoover
Team by Oivind Hovland
Animal Garden by Oivind Hovland
Hear It, See It by Frazer Hudson
San Francisco-Land of Hugs by Frazer Hudson
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The Beanstalk by August Hall
Bedtime Story by August Hall
Africa by Olaf Hajek
Herman Miller by Olaf Hajek
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Berlin, Germany
Herman Miller
© Olaf Hajek, all rights reserved