D  R  A  W  I  N  G    D  R  E  A  M  S    F  O  U  N  D  A  T  I  O  N
Nurturing Children's Creative Minds and Spirits
Drawing Dreams' spring/summer Charitybuzz auction was a success. Thank you for helping! Click here for auction details.

Drawing Dreams Foundation has donated art supplies and interactive video games
valued at more $213,790 to forty-four children's hospitals in the US and Canada.
Our 2014 Charitybuzz Holiday Auction
Proceeds from our auction will help us deliver art supplies to hospitalized children this holiday season.
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Coming Soon:  Two paintings by Gordon Studer. California.
Coming Soon:  Four illustrations by Victor Juhasz. New York.
Coming Soon:  A portrait of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat by photographer William Coupon. New York.
Coming Soon:  An etching of artist Chuck Close by Joe Ciardiello. New Jersey.
Coming Soon:  A drawing of actors Naomi Watts and Sean Penn by Philip Burke. New York.
An inscribed copy of Deborah Feingold’s stunning new book, Music, plus a signed photographic portrait
selected by you of one of the book’s popular musicians. New York.
Coming Soon:
Coming Soon:  An illustration by Steve Brodner. New York.
Coming Soon:  A Giclée of a painting by Mike Tofanelli. California.
Coming Soon:  A painting by Juliette Borda. New York.
Coming Soon:  A remarked Indiana Jones print by Mark Hammermeister. Michigan.
Drawing Dreams Foundation is grateful to the talented young art students of The Bath House Children's Community Center
and to Helen Rawlinson of The Chocolate Factory N16 in London, UK for permission to publish their art on our website.
Coming Soon:  A custom greeting card design for any occasion and three prints by Nathan Y. Jarvis. Utah.
Coming Soon:  Two limited edition Giclées of paintings by Anita Kunz. Canada.
Coming Soon:  An illustration by Rich Werner. California.
Coming Soon:  A drawing by Mark Summers. Canada.
Coming Soon:  Two drawings by James Ireland. Canada.
Coming Soon:  A drawing by Toc Fetch. New York.
Coming Soon:  Four limited edition prints on matallic paper by James David Mancini. California.
Coming Soon:  A Giclée of a painting of Derek Jeter for the cover of The New Yorker by Mark Ulriksen. California.
Coming Soon:  A painting by Austin Calloway. California.
Coming Soon:  An inscribed book and painting by Michael Heath. California.
Coming Soon:  Two paintings by Debora Jacobson. California.
Coming Soon:  An inscribed book and painting by Allen Perrier. California.
Coming Soon:  An illustration by Ofra Amit. Israel.
Coming Soon:  A painting by Greg Arbeene.